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Nutrition Classes

Nutrition Cooking Classes

GreenFare offers classes as part of our Kickstart program. The four classes repeated every four weeks include oil-free cooking, beating food addictions, quick & easy meals, and a label reading class with a shopping trip. Each class includes a organic dinner.

Learning how to make great food choices is key, as well as learning how to cook and why organic, whole plant ingredients free of added salt, sugar, and oil are essential to the promotion of longevity and pain-free living. We hope to educate and inspire interest in cooking healthy meals at home with recipes created by followers of Dr. T Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. John McDougall, and Dr. Neal Barnard, who have written books full of mouth-watering, beautiful, whole plant food meals that will provide optimal health and are scientifically proven to dramatically change your life.

Rather than accepting pain, chronic illness, and medication as a fait accompli to aging and genetics, GreenFare hopes to light a path to understanding and enabling great nutrition.

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