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We have heard many amazing and inspiring success stories from Kickstart participants about how changing the way they thought about food transformed their health and their lives. We decided these stories were just too good to keep to ourselves, so we’ve decided to start documenting them and sharing them on this page. We hope you will check back often for updates, and be inspired to eat better and live better!

On this day of Thanksgiving I would like to say thank you to Gwyn and the wonderful staff at GreenFare for their 21 day Kickstart Program. It was exactly what I needed to start me on my vegan journey, something I’ve been pondering about for a while, but not quite sure how to approach on my own.

Their genuine support and guidance, very informative and eye opening classes, and yummy meals offered for the duration of the program was what helped me finally achieve my goal. Even though I was a vegetarian for several years before starting the program, eliminating dairy and the rest of animal products still made a big difference in my daily life and my health overall. Within a week my energy level started to go up and has stayed at a much higher level consistently, helping me be more productive, efficient, and joyful in my professional and personal life. I learned how to keep my sugar level stable and not binge on unhealthy snacks. I now sleep much better at nigh and have lost close to 15 pounds so far.

It has been about three months and I am very happy to say that with the help of this program, a variety of recipes that we learned, and a very helpful class on label reading included in the program, I am able to stay consistent with my meals without much of an effort and during the times when it gets too busy, GreenFare’s meal plan helps me stay on track.

Thank you, again, for offering this program in our community, you are a true blessing!

Rika S.

“After being on this plant based diet for 2 months, I feel much better and more energetic.  I lost 22 lbs., my total cholesterol dropped by 54 points and after being pre-diabetic, I’m comfortably back within normal range. I couldn’t be happier.”

George S.

“I started the Kickstart program after eating a mostly vegetarian diet for several years while trying to keep weight off and my cholesterol down.  After 30 days, including the 3-week kickstart program, I lost 12 pounds and my cholesterol dropped over 25 points.  My doctor informed me that my overall lipid profile is the best that he has ever seen for me (I have been a patient of his for approximately 10 years).  The meals are very well done and the knowledge shared during the program is invaluable.  Thank you for a terrific program!”

George P.

I’ve lost 30 pounds since my GreenFare Kickstart class…and at 52, I’m now the same weight I was in my ’20s!   Thank you, GreenFare!

Jim E.

“I was on pain medication for 3 years for arthritis and after two weeks on your meal plan, my pain was gone.”

Debbie B.

I wanted to convey to you last night that your Kickstart is a huge blessing to me.
On 13 Dec 2018 I returned from serving as a overseas volunteer.
During that time, almost 90 days, I had a lot of exposure to very-fine desert dust due to the archeology dig taking place on site. And, consequently, I had a lot of health issues that were concerning me.
My first day back a dear friend asked me to lunch and I wanted to go to GreenFare. We had dinner there just before I left in September and I had enjoyed it immensely. The beautiful young lady, who waited on us at lunch, told us about Kickstart and I took the flyer.
I pray a lot, actually over everything, and after I prayed I knew your program was my answer.
It is excellent! It is both educational and inspirational! Your approach of supplying 21 days of meals is the BEST! It truly serves to establish the program firmly in place where it works – at home, and it reinforces sound eating habits sheerly through convenience.
You have changed my life for good and I am very grateful.
I will never forget the day (on day four), while standing over my Kickstart lunch spicing it up, when the most wonderful feeling of “well-being” came over me. Being an analytical person, I started analyzing “why do I feel this?” Then it hit me – it was my lifestyle change in my diet. The euphoric feeling of knowing I was on the right path to helping my body repair, and the delight of “hope” being alive in me that I would heal.
Thank you! It is very special to be part of your dream and destiny to help people be healthy and change lives!
May 2018 be a year of endless blessings for you far beyond your greatest expectations.
Warmest regards.

“In just three weeks, I have lowered my LDL-C by almost 30 points, my glucose level by almost 20 points and lost more than 10 pounds (today, about two weeks later, it is actually 15 pounds). But the best part is that my heartburn & gallbladder issues disappeared, and I was not only able to get off my medication, but also cancel my upcoming gallbladder surgery!”

Michael E.

I recommend the Kickstart Program:

Interesting, informative and insightful instruction by Pericles and Gwyn.

Fun interaction with the class participants which contributes to the learning environment.

Straight forward approach to meal preparation and eating which yielded impressive results — including loss of weight, substantial reduction of cholesterol and the satisfaction of not being hungry between meals reducing the desire to snack.

The field trip to the market with insightful label reading highlighted the importance to be an informed consumer.

Jeff Harris

GreenFare Staff Success Story

Since joining our staff in January and completing our 21-Day KickStart Program, GreenFare’s Executive Chef, Justin Matthews has lost 18 pounds! He looks and feels fantastic and we couldn’t be more proud! Inspired by Chef Justin’s success? Take the next step toward living healthier and join our next Kickstart Program!

Chef Justin

“My life has changed dramatically for the better, and I am only on Day 9 of the 21 Day Kickstart Program. Eating the delicious whole plant food dishes prepared by your GreenFare Restaurant make it easy to stay on track, thereby, avoiding all the trigger foods. The chronic joint pain in my hands and feet has greatly diminished. I have lost weight, have more energy, and am sleeping better at night . My mind is sharper than it has been in many years.

Kickstart is an answer to my prayers!

Thank you for helping me, and changing my life in ways that I could only dream were possible!”

Trish Smith

When I was in my mid-40s, I accomplished weight loss and road race performance milestones that earned me significant recognition on the Runner’s World web site, which is read by millions of people worldwide.

As I got into my late 40s, my race plans were cancelled again and again as long training runs would result in significant stiffness and sometimes injuries. Doctors and physical therapists could not offer any useful advice.

Now, after educating myself through GreenFare’s 21-day kickstart program and embracing a more compassionate, plant-based, healthy eating lifestyle, my life has changed.

Recently I ran 15 miles on a Saturday, then on Sunday I won my 40-49 age group in a 5K race, also beating all the runners who were in the 20-29 age group.

A week later, a 20-mile training run at an 8:21 per mile pace yielded absolutely no discomfort afterward. I have never experienced that before.

I cannot thank GreenFare enough for enabling me to enjoy my life more fully now by pushing past barriers that I could not previously conquer, and giving me hope for an active future as I run toward my 50s!

Evan B.

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