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May 28th Tuesday GreenFare 21 Day Kickstart

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Product Description

21-Day organic, whole plant food nutritional program including 42 meals (2 meals per day), 4 classes, and a nutritional assessment. Pick up meals once after class and then again 3 days later. 2 blood tests (lipid profile) are optional for $100. Lose weight, reduce cholesterol, normalize blood presssure, and increase energy.  HSA plans will reimburse this program with a medical doctor’s prescription and a medical diagnosis of a chronic illness. CLASS SCHEDULE: CLASS 1: LIFESTYLE ASPECTS OF HEALTH Introducing Lifestyle Aspects of Health: Sleep, Exercise, Fasting Demo: Oil-free Cooking CLASS 2: BREAKING FOOD ADDICTIONS Breaking Food Addictions & the Importance of Calorie Density CLASS 3: LABEL READING Label Reading for Convenience and Health CLASS 4: COOKING CLASS & MEAL PLANNING Demo: 2 recipes under 8 minutes

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